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n. 1 camper/caravan + 1 persona


n. 1 camper/caravan + 2 persone


n. 1 camper/caravan + 3 persone


n. 1 camper/caravan + 4 persone


n. 1 camper/caravan + 5 persone




I prezzi esposti includono l'IVA

The bays can only be used by one vehicle (camper, caravan): cars or other towing vehicles must be moved to the parking area as soon as possible. Driving within the camping area is non allowed, unless related to arrival/departure operations. Please inform the direction of Caravan Camping Club two days before departure and leave the bay by 12:30 am. The rate should be paid every 15 days and are referred to the number of nights spent. Cheques are not accepted.